Thursday, January 2, 2014

Aspiration Per the Gospel. A Logical Progression in My Own Words.

1. Jesus Christ Provides me with all the credit of good works as required by God the Father in order to be accepted and loved by him.

2. Therefore, I have total freedom in what I choose to do because I no longer need to fulfill any requirements to be accepted and to avoid judgment.

3. I can choose to do good works or not.  My salvation is in Christ alone.

4. However, the Holy Spirit, as a result of regeneration of the heart through faith in Jesus, reveals to me those ways which are valuable, beneficial, and desirable, consistent with God's word and instruction (good works). The Holy Spirit also inspires and empowers me to do them.

5. In my heart, the work and deeds I want to do are those which glorify and please God.

6. I am yet young and immature and in the process of fully realizing this pattern of life.

7. I continue to strive and struggle, failing many, many times, sometimes severely.

8. In Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness and encouragement to do better next time ("therefore, God gives more grace") when I fail to do good.

9.  I am and always will be at peace with God through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

10. God will surely and eventually transform me into the image of Jesus Christ - my ultimate aspiration.

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