Monday, February 2, 2015

Just For Me

I never feel worthy of publishing. Ship. That’s the mantra. Yet, how can you ship something that doesn’t meet anyone’s standards? It’s the great paradox of doing meaningful work. 

But, what if it means something to me? What if it means something to me enough so that I feel compelled to ship? Then, it might not be good for anyone else but me. Yet, there’s at least one person it benefits right? 

And, if I ship and no one cares, is it anyone’s loss? The only thing that might damage is my ego, but that’s an affectation, an illusion that can be properly fixed with truth. 

The truth is that I am significant. I am created by God and given value by him. That makes me significant and important enough that shipping for the sake of just me is enough of a reason to ship. 

Do I ship this? 


Sorry if it doesn’t do anything for you. This was just for me. 

Hooray me! 

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