Thursday, February 25, 2016

Becoming nothing.

John 3:30 gives us an idea of what it means to love Jesus. John the Baptist gladly gave way for Christ so that Jesus would be lifted up. At cost to himself he did this and was glad. 

As we consider becoming nothing for Jesus, our first reaction might be one that is defensive. Isn’t it oppressive to make us nothing for his sake? Isn’t it tyrannical for him to say that we must be lowered to nothing so that he could be lifted up? 

I know that when I thought about all of this today, such was my initial reaction. I wanted to preserve myself, and I didn’t want a God who is so seemingly antagonistic.

But then I was shown the reality of who he is, and I was undone. 

On the cross, Jesus became nothing. Why? For us. To lift us up. To make us great and beautiful in the Father’s eyes. Even though he was the King, he laid down his life to become nothing that we may be lifted up in God’s sight. See, he loved us first by humbling himself. What a love! What a King!

For such a King, how could we not want to, yearn to lift him up? For the one who became nothing for me, I would gladly become nothing also. 

Through his sacrificial love, Jesus inspires us to imitate him in humble, sacrificial service. May we marvel at his glory and worship him. May our hearts and all of our being yearn and live to serve and glorify Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Lord and King. Amen. 

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