Thursday, February 18, 2016

Do You Love the Word of God?

We cannot be Christian if we don’t read and cherish God’s word. 

It’s a great deception for us to think that we can live Christian lives and consider ourselves lovers of Christ when we don’t love his word. 

Do you know how you love something? You think about it, cherish it, and yearn to interact with it. You relish in the experience of loving the object of your affections. 

If we knew and believed in Jesus because we actually saw him as he is, we would love him. When we lack affection for him, we can know that our hearts love some other lover. 

If we love Jesus, we must love his word. The Bible is the embodiment of Jesus’s thoughts and actions. They contain his instructions, consolations, warnings, and affections for us. How can we say that we love Jesus if we treat his words with contempt and apathy? How we view and treat his word, how we seek it and apply it in our lives, may be one of the biggest tellers of the condition of our faith in him. 

If Jesus is the son of God and we believe this to be true, it just doesn’t make sense that we should ignore the things he says. It would be like saying we believe a freight train is driving full speed in our direction and yet refusing to move out of the way. If we believe in something so weighty and powerful, we will make sure to adjust our position and behavior accordingly. If we believe Jesus to be the true son of God who came into the world, we will not treat his word lightly but instead come under its authority. All those who do not adjust their position accordingly proves with their actions that they don't actually believe in the reality of Jesus Christ being the true and living God. 

Do you love God’s word and seek it daily? I know that I’ve failed to do so, and I’m realizing the cost and reality of what that means. It's not an option to read, meditate on, and apply the Bible. Let us have ears to hear and eyes to see and turn to the savior of the world who is true. He will heal us and restore us to love him with all we are and all we possess. 

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