Friday, March 4, 2016

The Problem With Self Deception

Self deception by definition cannot be rooted out without the help of outside parties. The problem with this is that, because of our shame, letting our vulnerabilities out to others is oftentimes too scary.

The self deception perpetuates itself to the destruction and affliction of many. Our sins don't just affect ourselves, but they also create tons of conflict for everything and everyone around us.

The solution to this problem is mercy. Mercy that is comprehensive and healing. Mercy that is sure. When we are assured of mercy forgiving us and healing us, we can come forward and bask in the light of redemption.

Look upon the cross and the mercy that was shed through the death of Jesus Christ the son of God. He took our shame so that we can be free to find healing through mercy. Come and be free in him. Amen.

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