Monday, February 15, 2016


True understanding requires patience and grit.

We are simple beings in a complex world, and for the sake of comfort and convenience, we often oversimplify things, mistaking reductionistic errors as truth.

Psalm 1 says that blessed is the man who meditates on the law of the Lord day and night. It is not by chance that the word "meditate" is used. It's difficult to understand truth, and much effort must be expended in order to grasp it.

I am often too lazy to meditate sufficiently on truth. It's inconvenient. I often prefer to go along with my inherent programming, getting tossed to and fro by the distractions thrown at me via technology. The results tend to be tragic. The world is out to steal, kill, and destroy the time and resources given to me, and I let it do so way too often.

Instinctive understanding is easy, but it will fail us. Because of sin, our instincts are fallen, and we must be wise and fight it, vetting out the destructive deceptions and embracing truth.

God's word is truth, and apart from him there is no life. Therefore, let us take much time to meditate on the law of the Lord.

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