Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Psalm 38

I am meditating on Psalm 38 right now because it's so fitting for my situation.

In it, David prays about the results of his sin. He is in pain because the consequences of his disobedience has resulted in great strife. He says that God's arrows have sunk into him and his hand has come down on him. David is in the midst of God's discipline and he's crying out.

What's interesting is that David, knowing that he is afflicted because of his sins, knowing that it is God who is allowing pain into his life, turns to God for help. He confesses his iniquity and looks to God for rescue. He sees that though God is disciplining him, he will also rescue and restore him.

I feel like that right now. I am meeting the consequences of my sins, and I am deeply afflicted. Even those close to me have turned against me. In all of this, my only hope is God. I must trust, as David did, that if I confess my sin and turn to him, he will forgive me and rescue me.

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