Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Desert Testing

God has the ability to, at the flick of his finger, make everything amazing in our lives. Our plans can unfold like rainbows, our days be filled with happiness and peace, and success define our every moment.

But, we all know this doesn't happen. Most often in life, our times are filled with frustration, futility, and strife.

I wonder why this happens. If God loves us and has given his Son for us, why won't he give us that which makes our lives amazing?

I think the reason for his plan to put us through the desert is to test our hearts. It's to show us the wickedness of sin that is in our own hearts so that we can see the insurmountable grace that he shows us in Jesus Christ.

When we struggle with our own frailty, what God wants us to do is to rest in his grace and salvation. He knows that we are weak. When we find ourselves humbled before him, we can know that he will give us more grace.

In our times of frustration, maybe we be quiet and know that he is God, and therefore, find our rest in him.

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