Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The One Question

There really is only one question that all human beings need to ask and get answered.

The span of life is meaningless without knowing this. As much as we as a people and society try to hide it under the rug and perform mental gymnastics to get around it, we can't be satisfied until we confront and deal with it.

What is the question?

Is there a God who has made all things and has revealed himself to mankind? If so, can I know him/her?

It's just not merely about a God existing (or not existing). An impersonal God is inconsequential for life. We must be specific about the kind of God that would exist AND matter to us. Could this God exist? If so, has he made himself known?

As for me, in asking this question, I've come to find that Jesus Christ is this God. I believe it to be true, and in an objective sense. This is why I must tell of him.

Are you asking this question? If so, let me show you the answer. The God who made the world, who is personal, and has come to reveal himself is Jesus Christ.

I know, I know. You don't buy it. You think my claim is not based on reason or logic.

Have you examined him? Have you considered his words? His life? Have you tried to reach out to him to see if he will answer? Have you approached him as King and God of the universe?

I tell you, come and see that he is God. If you would come him with an unbiased, yet critical mindset, you will see that it must be true that Jesus is the Son of God. And the single most important answer of your existence will ben answered.

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