Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our Glory

What was Job's glory? Why is he so significant and highly regarded?

Job remained steadfast to God all the way to the end.

When everything is taken away from us, will we, like Job, remain steadfast?

The glory that we are called to achieve is to hold on and cling to God who remained steadfast to us. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the master and ruler of the universe, remained on the cross and endured the wrath of God. He remained steadfast to the end, and therefore God exalted him above every name (Phil 2).

"God doesn't promise us better life circumstances. He promises us a better life."

Tim Keller often says this statement, and I must concur. Furthermore, he promises a better life by enabling us to remain in him all the way to the end.

When we encounter trials of all kinds, we must realize that they are not outside of God's plan. Rather, it's through excruciating circumstances that God refines us into the image of his son. It's why we ought to rejoice and be glad in these times of hardship. We are assured of God's masterful work in our lives and given the chance to glory in the eternal, incomparable riches of God in Christ.

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