Saturday, August 20, 2016


As I struggle with the frustrations of my own alienation, I remember that the reasons for the rejection of me are deserved. I earned every right to be flung off, cast out, and condemned. When I find myself isolated and unwanted, it's because I am a sinner who sowed sin unto a harvest of desolation.

When I realize this truth, it relieves me of my pain. When I ask myself, "why is it that people seem to find me unlikable," I realize that it's because I'm unlikable. Because of sin, there is brokenness in my life that I will need to battle through. It's supposed to be this way. It's relieving to know.

But I also realize a greater truth. There was once a man who deserved nothing but praise, nothing but affection, nothing but true, unyielding adoration yet was deserted. He was betrayed by all of his friends. More than that, he was cast off by his Father whom he loved for all of eternity. He was cast off for me. Alienated for me. So that before him, I never have to bear the burden of my deserved rejection. In Christ, I am always welcomed, loved, and embraced - all because Jesus, my savior, bore my sins on the cross.

Because of Christ, I am never alone, never forsaken, never rejected. And one day, when he returns, I will never feel this alienation again. There will be no more tears and no more pain. O Lord, come!

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